The world needed a way to stay fashionable even on rainy days. A raincoat to wear to work with your business outfit, on your way to a late autumn dinner or for a weekend with friends. The design is based on fashion rather than function. We use ordinary buttons and taped seams, feminine cuts and moderate colours. You don´t have to look like a traffic light anymore, just because it´s raining.

All Unikon products are designed in Sweden with inspiration from urban life, music and independent women. Each jacket is handmade by skillful dressmakers in a small factory in Tallinn, Estonia. Every Unikon raincoat model bears the name of an iconic woman who in some way has made a strong impression on the founder or her team.

The name Unikon [yoo-ni-kawn] is a fusion of the Swedish words unik (i.e. unique) and ikon (i.e. icon, which is also short for the company name Ida Karlbom of Nockeby AB). Unikon also resembles unicorn, a truly inspiring animal, highly associated with fantasy, boundlessness and true beauty.

It all started in Stockholm, early spring 2014. I had been looking for a respectable and stylish outfit for rainy days but simply could not find it. Despite my lack of design experience or knowledge about the fashion industry, I decided to design a raincoat myself. The first model, Luna, an A-line, double-breasted jacket with pink lining, was born. At this time I had a full time job at a large banking company. I have since resigned to devote my time completely to the vision of making something good of rainy days by creating contemporary rainwear for modern women. Thank you for following my journey!

The double-breasted A-line coat with high quality lining is the first jacket in a series of products to help independent woman stay fashionable regardless of weather conditions. The feminine shape suits most women and enables you to wear a business outfit, a woolly or even a jacket beneath your raincoat. The intention of the Luna jacket and all other Unikon products is to make you redefine weather with style.


On the way from a shy idea to a professional website, registered trademark and jackets ready to wear I have had the best support. Thank you Sofia for your time and great mind. Thank you Fanny for your endless creativeness and sense of perfection. Thank you Hans for inspiration and believing in me. Thank you sister for your precision and honesty. Thank you Magnus, Katrin and the photo crew for professional collaboration. Thank you Ann and Katarina and all other friends for valuable input along the way. It would not have happened without you.

Ida Karlbom, CEO